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It has come to my attention that some of my lovely, loyal readers were unaware that I sometimes share my reviews of books we’ve been reading. This is not entirely surprising, since I’ve only posted three to date… including my newest, which I’m sharing today. It saddens me that I have not posted a book review since June. I started this project — as I start everything I undertake — with great gusto. But, during these strange times, often my energy has deserted me entirely… as have my creativity, my positivity and pretty much every other good -ivity I might normally possess.

But with the arrival of autumn and a return to school — of sorts — come renewed doses of all of those good things, and so here I am again! We read many books over the summer, but we often lacked the will to finish, so September was an especially productive month on the literary front, as we got into our back-to-school routine. With mandated distance learning for the first few weeks, that meant curling up together with a stack of books in the afternoons, as we used to do in the early days of lockdown — and as we did when my children were very small and still unburdened by schoolwork and busy schedules — and we got just the comfort and joy we so sorely needed.

So if you’re interested in seeing what we’ve been up to on the reading front, please head on over to the “Books We Love” page on my site, where I have every intention of sharing reviews a bit more often… and enjoy! (Please note that I do not include publisher or price information since I have readers in multiple countries, but all of the books we love are available at any good bookseller — and I would encourage you to support your local independent bookshop, of course!)

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